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The Future Of Road Safety |

The Future Of Road Safety

by on October 8, 2018

Have you imagined a world without traffic signals, road signs in Adelaide and other signs like no parking, stop, do not stand here? Researchers are eagerly working to come up with new researches about self driving cars, decreasing disruptions in the transport system and using lesser time to get more things done. There was a time when it was unrealistic to imagine a flying car or a robot driving a car, your reaction was like: how is it even possible? If we let robots or software drive our cars then who will save us from accidents?  

It is believed that the next big thing is the change in transport system. Long queues of waiting, traffic jam and blockages will not be there anymore. But how? How will everyone afford a robotic car? We need to realize the fact that humans have surpassed so many changes from letters to fax to mobile phone to tablets and from manual cars to automatic to new self driven cars. There are some models available for self driven cars and test drives have been done but the question lies, who will buy it? 

With the passage of time a utopian scenario can be imagined to seeing flying cars but it will require the change of whole system the change of a holistic traditional approach of all cars touching the ground. This will bring a system where there will no later road signs and signals. Every vehicle will be installed with traffic system in their car and the signals will be set to your car directly rather than waiting for a signal to open. The software will give you continuous instructions to stop, start and turn. Buses will be high rise. Flying cars will have their own air tracks without bumping into each other because of tracker and traffic systems installed in built.  

The chance of human error will be reduced by self driven cars because it is not certain that a human driver will always look at the sign and not look at his phone. It is not certain that a human being in any extreme emotional state will not affect his attention and he will continue to drive properly. A self driving system is programmed in a way that works constantly and uniformly in any circumstances because of the lack of emotion. This will require highways which are devoted to self driven cars. A road sign detection system will also be installed in the cars which can identified by the car’s automation system by the use of cameras. Every sign’s meaning will be saved in the database of the signs and automatically the car will target a sign and execute the meaning out of it and act accordingly. This way more precision can be brought in the usage of road signs and safety can be maintained.  For more information, please log on to http://greensigns.com.au/road-signs-services