Polished Concrete And Construction

by on October 2, 2018

The polished concrete is a versatile material that is easily customizable in its appearance, using ballast, quartz and amazing colors to create a sense of industrial refinement in home and commercial buildings. Its reflective surface creates a suggestive quality under light, which can be suitable for a wide variety of applications.  

The polished concrete can be created from a variety of ways, from the cheaper “Grind and seal” method to honed concrete, which uses a piercing sealant to create a reflective surface. Mechanically polished concrete is the type usually used in commercial projects, because it is persistent and more durable under heavy foot traffic. It is created by applying a chemical hardener that densifies the porous concrete, and then grind to the desired luster and softness. Using a series of successively fine tools (similar to the wood grinding process), the concrete can ground at 800, 1500 or 3000 grain level. Another factor is the “exposure level” of concrete, ie the amount of the original surface that is on the ground and, therefore, how much of the aggregated material is exposed.  

One of the main selling points for polished concrete is how easy it is to maintain. Its smooth, hard surface makes it easy to clean, as well as durable and difficult to damage. Although concrete can be prone to cracking with moisture and loose, the patch material can conceal these cracks.  

The polished concrete is also very versatile, and is customizable thanks to the ability to use a variety of finishes, and various aggregates and cement paints in the concrete itself. It can be created to mimic different materials, such as ceramic stone and tile while low maintenance and more durable. The colors are usually mixed in the concrete before the plate is placed, but they can also be applied with dye, stain, or waterproof color after. The patterns can also be carved on the surface as the concrete is the setting to create a faux tile effect.  

In terms of durability, polished concrete can be seen as a “green” material, because it makes use of the existing floor plate without the use of any extra material. It also serves as an efficient thermal mass, preserving heat in summer and keeping cool in winter. But the concrete has a larger carbon footprint associated with its production compared to other materials such as wood and steel. Cost-Wise, polished concrete has a wide price range depending on finish refinement. However, its long life and low maintenance means it is more profitable than polished boards or quality epoxy resin flooring in Sydney tiles. 

Construction specialists support the implementation of construction projects both advice and guidance, and participate in relevant processes before, during and after construction. The construction specialist will normally be the focal point of construction issues and will be responsible for coordinating actions between stakeholders, including governments, local authorities, entrepreneurs and other agencies. Carry out quality evaluations of the processes throughout the duration of the project, carry out on-the-spot checks on the progress of the work and advise on specific technical problems affecting the work processes, all tasks of the design expert are required to Dominate.  

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