Modern Types of Shutters with New Features

by on February 29, 2016


Shutters can help protect ones home from being robbed or damaged due to unpredictable disasters. There are various types of shutters such as the grilles, collapsible, plantation and rolling shutters. The grilles and collapsible shutters were even used a decade ago and some peoples still use them. The advantage of this is that it does not consume electricity and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The rolling shutters and the plantation shutters are modern inventions and have seemed to capture the attention of many people. The only disadvantage being that the rolling shutter consumes a lot of electricity and the plantation shutter requires regular maintenance. Another problem with the rolling shutter is that, in case of a power cut it will not work as it runs on electricity but of course there are alternative and solutions to that.

Rolling shutters

There are main two types of rolling shutters; one being the automated and other being the manual. The automated runs on electricity while the manual can be opened and closed with the help of a hinge. The new feature that can be installed into this shutter is an alarm system. It helps monitor the shutters activity and it can also be linked to ones computer or mobile phone. This helps one to open and close it via their phones and plus in case of a burglary one will immediately get notified once an intruder opens the door. The con of this system is that sometimes it can get hacked. The rolling shutters can be made out of many materials depending on the type of features one wants. There are steel, galvanised and fire shutters. If you wish to have fire shutters installed, you can go visit this site

Fire shutters in Sydney is one of the newest innovation for companies and banks to keep the entire valuables secure in case of a fire.

Plantation shutters

These shutters are mainly installed in ones windows. Its function is to regulate temperature inside the house. It also maintain the amount of sun light entering ones home and one could regulate this by putting the blinds down. Plantation shutters can give one a sense of privacy as it acts as a curtain to all the windows. It also regulates the ventilation and keeps pest such as flies and wasps out of the house. These are mainly made out of wood therefore requires some maintenance such as a membrane coat of water resistance as some types of wood starts to corrode when in contact with water. It also requires a weekly clean up as dirt and dust can settles on the planks of the plantation shutters.