H2O – The Coconut Tree Of Nature

by on March 11, 2016



Water Vapor that Affects Climate Change


Water vapor is the gaseous state of water. It is completely invisible. Water vapor is not snow, clouds or rain, but it is necessary for the formation of snow, clouds and rain. Water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas, and has the ability to increase the warmth of the climatic system, but it also has the ability to cool the climatic system when water gets evaporated from Earth’s crust. The predominate effect is the cooling effect and not the warming effect.

Water vapor is important to humans because without rainfall, snow and clouds, human civilizations cannot survive. Water vapor helps for the formation of all of them. Where would agriculture and cultivation be without periodic rainfall? Moreover steam can be used for cooking and in steam-engine trains.

Liquid Water used in Our Daily Lives

The most important thing we do with water is drinking it. Water helps to maintain the balance of liquids in the body. Water is used to clean our bodies. Water is used to clean our clothes, our kitchen appliances and other utensils around the house. Water is used to water plants around the garden. Water is used in the dishwasher, the toilet, the commode, the faucets, the bath and the washing machine. Our lives are run by water. Vac-It provides excavation services to make tunneling easier and your water pipe can get through. 

Moreover water is important in plantation. Acres of paddy fields will wilt and die away if the rains don’t come during the rainy season, or if the stream providing water to the fields dries out. Vacuum excavation and hydro excavation services use pressurized water to safely excavate underground cables, pipes, building and roads. Liquid water is used to make electricity. Electricity lights up our night lives, and leaves us more time to do our activities, as well as helps us to access the internet which is very important.

Glaciers that Protect Our Lives on Solid Land

Ice cubes can be used to beautify one’s face, Ice is solidified pieces of liquid water. Ice is good to freshen your skin, your eyes, as well as to avoid dehydration during the summer period. If the glaciers in the two poles melted rapidly, we would lose a lot of clean water, and that water will submerge most parts of continents. So preserving ice sheets and glaciers is an important task.

Water as Vapor, Liquid and Solid Forms

Water in all its forms is used by humans for their daily activities, for science, as well as for various specific reasons and performances. The coconut tree of the plant world can use almost all of its parts for some purpose. Water is like that too. We use water extensively for so many tasks. Despite being a scarce resource, its advantages are numerous; which is why its importance should be recognized, and why it should be used sparingly.