Cooling Your Commercial Space During Summer

by on March 14, 2016

Summer can be very uncomfortable when you start sweating and sticky. Well there are different options when it comes to clothing, living and adjusting your homes, offices for summer to make things cooler and comfortable. In this article we have brought up some options for you that will provide you with long lasting benefits throughout the summer for your work space.

How walls donate in cooling
If your office is surrounded with the traditional types of walls make sure the colors you use aren’t that bright. Light colors can actually reduce the heat inside your office and home, believe it or not. This is the same reason behind us wearing light color clothes for summer. Talking of walls, is this the only type you can rely on? An aluminum curtain wall is expensive but actually worth the cost because they give your building a more modernized look, the elegant way and also boosts energy efficiency.

Not only it helps you to warm your office during the cold days but also during the hotter months it helps to balance this heat and prevent over heating the inside of your office. Many constructors have understood the great benefit of this aluminum curtain wall and it has become very much popular since its release.

Your machines need some attention
One way that you heat up your interior space of the office is by machines. Clearly, many machines generate a lot of heat. Turn off power of machines that are not in use at the moment to prevent it adding more heat. By this you can also save a lot of energy. Computers will generate a lot of heat as a drawback as well. If so, try to do the necessary repairs of the machines, quality aluminium composite panels.

Your air conditioner should be well maintained to get a good job from it. With the accumulation of dust and dirt it can work slow and produce less cooling effects. So, make sure you clean them well and they are all ready to cool your environment. Do the necessary servicing for these machines if they are not functioning properly because it will be a waste of energy and electricity bill. Also make sure that you don’t place any furniture in from of your AC because the air will be blocked by it.

When to open windows
The daylight can be very hot and too bright. So, don’t let that hot air come in through your windows. Close windows during the day or use thin curtains and blinds to block a lot of natural light. Instead open your windows and put your shades up after dusk because the environment is much cooler during this time of the day. You don’t want to let that fresh air slip right under your nose.